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CircleID's Top 10 Posts of 2015

Once again it is time for CircleID's annual roundup of top ten most popular posts featured during the past year (based on overall readership). Congratulations to all the 2015 participants and best wishes in the new year.

Additionally, you can also check the leaderboards for CircleID's overall top 100 community and industry participants.

Top 10 Featured Blogs from the community in 2015:

#1Paul VixieInternet Security Marketing: Buyer BewarePaul Vixie | Apr 20, 2015
Viewed 26,344 times
#2Konstantinos KomaitisTrust and Collaboration - Key Features for the Internet's FutureKonstantinos Komaitis | May 19, 2015
Viewed 20,908 times
#3Mark JeftovicConfessions of an Ex-Opponent of Whois PrivacyMark Jeftovic | Jul 03, 2015
Viewed 16,820 times
#4Wolfgang KleinwächterInternet Governance Outlook 2015: Two Processes, Many Venues, Four BasketsWolfgang Kleinwächter | Jan 03, 2015
Viewed 14,805 times
#5Geoff HustonAn Update on IPv6Geoff Huston | Jun 21, 2015
Viewed 14,710 times
#6Chris GrundemannIPv6 Security Myth #10: Deploying IPv6 is Too RiskyChris Grundemann | Mar 25, 2015
Viewed 13,476 times
#7Chris GrundemannIPv6 Security Myth #9: There Aren't Any IPv6 Security ResourcesChris Grundemann | Mar 12, 2015
Viewed 13,138 times
#8John LevineICANN and a Lot of Other People Outsmart Themselves With .SUCKSJohn Levine | Apr 13, 2015
Viewed 12,972 times
#9Chris GrundemannIPv6 Security Myth #8: It Supports IPv6Chris Grundemann | Mar 05, 2015
Viewed 12,584 times
#10Chris GrundemannIPv6 Security Myth #5: Privacy Addresses Fix Everything!Chris Grundemann | Feb 16, 2015
Viewed 12,486 times

Top 10 News in 2015:

#1CircleID ReporterIPv6 Adoption Brings New Security Risks May 23, 2015
Viewed 13,396 times
#2CircleID ReporterLack of ccTLD Growth in Africa Only Partially Due to Internet Penetration Jul 09, 2015
Viewed 9,280 times
#3CircleID ReporterICANN Asks U.S. Federal Trade Commission Whether .SUCK is Violating Any Laws Apr 09, 2015
Viewed 8,396 times
#4CircleID ReporterInternet Grew by 4 Million Domains in 4Q 2014, Reaching 288 Million Worldwide Mar 13, 2015
Viewed 7,807 times
#5CircleID ReporterPlacing New Domain Names in Temporary "Penalty Box" Could Deter Malicious Use, Says Paul Vixie May 06, 2015
Viewed 7,348 times
#6CircleID ReporterA Look at the Current State of ccTLDs, Particularly in Europe May 05, 2015
Viewed 7,173 times
#7CircleID ReporterVox Populi Registry Says "Enough" About .SUCKS Accusations May 11, 2015
Viewed 7,152 times
#8CircleID ReporterA Look Inside the Emerging Private IPv4 Market May 28, 2015
Viewed 6,952 times
#9CircleID ReporterICANN Assigns Tor's .Onion TLD as Special-Use Domain Name Sep 10, 2015
Viewed 6,764 times
#10CircleID ReporterFTC Puts Burden Back on ICANN Concerning .Sucks Dilemma May 28, 2015
Viewed 6,625 times

Top 10 Industry News in 2015 (sponsored posts):

#1VerisignVerisign Celebrates .com's 30th Anniversary, Launches Domain Name ContestVerisign | Jan 26, 2015
Viewed 8,561 times
#2LogicBoxesLogicBoxes Partners With Domains.Green to Setup Retail & Wholesale Channels for .green DomainsLogicBoxes | Apr 30, 2015
Viewed 7,030 times
#3VerisignVerisign Launches New Monthly Blog Series: Top 10 Keywords Registered in .COM and .NETVerisign | Feb 10, 2015
Viewed 6,662 times
#4VerisignInternet Grows to 296 Million Domain Names in Q2 2015Verisign | Sep 17, 2015
Viewed 6,564 times
#5AfiliasNew .VOTE and .VOTO Domains Now AvailableAfilias | Feb 17, 2015
Viewed 6,288 times
#6ARI Registry ServicesNSW Government Launches .sydney DomainARI Registry Services | Feb 17, 2015
Viewed 6,276 times
#7AfiliasAfilias Supports the CrypTech Project - Ambitious Hardware Encryption Effort to Protect User PrivacyAfilias | Mar 26, 2015
Viewed 6,243 times
#8AfiliasIn Celebration of Marriage Equality Each New .LGBT Name Donates $20 to the It Gets Better ProjectAfilias | Jun 30, 2015
Viewed 6,024 times
#9Minds + MachinesCity of Miami 3rd in U.S. to Launch Dedicated TLDMinds + Machines | Sep 17, 2015
Viewed 5,817 times
#10Radix.ONLINE GA Launches with 28,000 Registrations in the First 30 MinutesRadix | Aug 26, 2015
Viewed 5,786 times

By CircleID Reporter

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