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Move Beyond Defensive Domain Name Registrations, Towards Strategic Thinking

Brands and companies often see new domain registrations as a brand protection mechanism, securing their brand name in a TLD to prevent others from doing so, and particularly those who may have nefarious intentions. As a result of this, many of these newly bought domains become just an empty shop — lying dormant, lacking any useful content and certainly not adding any value for the domain name Registrant.

New TLDs hold a great deal of potential. Apart from being an important defense mechanism for companies, they can really benefit your business if you seize the marketing opportunities that accompany your new domain name.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Your New Domain

Once your company has registered its new domain with a Registrar, you can easily create a strategy to put it to work for your business. Here are a few pointers on getting started and what can be achieved:

1) Get other teams involved

Although it is a company's legal or IP advisors that are typically responsible for monitoring the domain space and advising when a domain registration should be made, getting your marketing and strategy teams involved is important, as it is their vision and creative thinking that can often help a company see potential in a domain name beyond brand protection. Perhaps a new marketing campaign is being planned, a new product line is soon to launch, or an idea for a new website is bubbling up. It is likely only the broader team that will have knowledge of these projects and any domain name needs/opportunities.

Broader team involvement is as important pre-domain registration as it is post-domain registration.

2) Stand out, save and augment your SEO

Get ahead of the game and become more discoverable with your domain name of choice. Becoming an early adopter sets you apart from the crowd. Your domain is a way of signposting your business and with the right online marketing tactics, it can help you rise above the noise in search.

Learn to leverage your keyword rich domain and increase your conversion rate and improve your cost per acquisition. This is particularly true for those operating in sectors such as finance and tech, where keywords are among the most costly.

Streamlining Product Messaging – New TLDs allow companies to talk directly to customers and highlight specific products, a strategy that financial group IG, Boton Ivy's parent company, is actively pursuing with the launch of websites such as IG.Forex, IG.Spreadbetting.3) Streamline your product messaging

TLDs can be a great way of refining the messaging around your company's different product lines. The specificity of these new TLDs allows companies to talk directly to customers and highlight specific products, a strategy that financial group IG is actively pursuing with the launch of websites such as IG.Forex, IG.Spreadbetting and Learn.Spreadbetting, while still maintaining its IG.com site. Further, different web properties can speak to different business objectives: client education, acquisition and education.

4) Become part of a trusted eco-system

Certain TLDs are 'validated' TLDs and those seeking to purchase a domain name must meet some eligibility requirements. In the case of the .CFD ('Contracts for Difference') and .Spreadbetting TLDs for example, domain holders must be providers holding regulatory permissions (from a financial regulator) for these specialised financial products. As such, this is almost like an exclusive club of trusted providers, and a .CFD or .Spreadbetting website address is an additional badge of trusted authority displaying itself to the external world. Start to make your domain name work for you early on and you can reap the rewards all the quicker!

For more information on the .CFD, Spreadbetting and the .Forex TLDs, please contact info@bostonivy.co

By Boston Ivy, Home of Financial Top Level Domains – Founded in early 2014, Boston Ivy is a company backed by IG Group, a global leader in online trading, that is providing some of the most specialised website domain extensions in the financial services sector. These include .broker, .forex, .cfd, .markets, .spreadbetting and .trading. With these domain extensions, Boston Ivy's vision is to create novel online spaces and communities that will become a first choice for informative and reliable content in addition to high quality services from the most trustworthy financial service providers. Visit Page

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