About CircleID

Codes Of Conduct

Use of CircleID is subject to the following codes of conduct:

1 —

Members shall not attack or judge anyone personally.

2 —

Members shall avoid obscene, irrelevant, or needless inflammatory remarks.

3 —

Members shall respect other fellow members' time by keeping all posts intelligent, constructive, informative, and original.

4 —

Members shall keep all posts free of obvious promotions and advertisements.

5 —

Members shall not violate any copyright or trademark laws.

6 —

Members shall not spam other fellow members or employees of CircleID deliberately or otherwise.

7 —

Members understand that CircleID is here to serve the Internet community and to be an effective platform for matters related to the Internet infrastructure.

8 —

Members understand that CircleID reserves the right to remove any post deemed inappropriate and have violators suspended.