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April Lorenzen

Chief Data Scientist at Zetalytics
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April Lorenzen is an Internet security researcher specializing in the preemptive
 discovery of miscreant and crimeware resources in the domain name
system. In her work as Chief Data Scientist at Zetalytics, she oversees one
 of the world's most geographically diverse passive DNS systems. She has operated IoC security feeds continuously since 2004, and is the primary architect of the free open source data
 visualization tool "Mal4s”.

April volunteers extensively in the whitehat community, as a 
Senior Technical Advisor for the Messaging, Malware, Mobile Anti-Abuse
 Working Group (M3AAWG) and as a Senior Research Fellow for the 
Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG). She received the "Global Impact"
 award from DHS S&T Cyber Security Division in 2016, and currently serves as the 
Principal Investigator at Dissect Cyber for a critical infrastructure supply chain cyber
security notification research project. In 2006, April 
received an award for "Outstanding Support in the Ongoing Battle Against 
Cyber Crime" from the National Cyber Forensics Training Alliance
 (NCFTA). She is a frequent trainer and speaker at international ISP, law
 enforcement and security industry conferences.

Information about her research project can be found at CyberNotify.org and on DHS.gov here.

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