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Founded IBI (Netpia) in 1995.
Architect of Multilingual Internet Name (1997), now known as Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) ; [], [], [ml]. 
Designed the Multilingual Internet Name registration policies in 1998.
Presented multilingual internet name at APRICOT Singapore in February 1999.

Pan Jeong has a noteworthy contribution in the introduction of the domain name registration in South Korea in 1995. was the first to introduce the domain names for commercial use in the country.  He is a self-taught domain expert. He learned the ropes of the internet while he was studying intellectual property law. He used his accumulated knowledge about the Internet, domains and intellectual property law to pioneer in the commercial domain name registration in South Korea. He is the architect of the Multilingual Internet Name in 1997 [now known as the Internationalized Domain Name(IDN);,, ml]. He also drafted the national language real name domain registration policies in 1998.


- Inaugurated as Co-Representative in the Opening ceremony of Korean Internet Address Association and inaugurated as Co-Representative. (January 2002
- MINC Election Member (2000)
- NIC Committee Member (KISA)
- ICANN36 Seoul -Organizing member (2009)


- Presidential award in IT division (October 2002)
- Information Technology Award, Premier’s Award at the 5th International Business Institution (June 2003)
- Korean preserver by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Korean Language Academy (Appointed on December 2003)
- Small-Medium Venture Company Award at the 5th International Business Institution (February 2004)
- first Digital CEO Award (by Digital e-CEO of Korea) (January 2005)

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