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UltraDNS Extends Leading Managed DNS Service Behind the Corporate Firewall

UltraDNS has unveiled its Managed Internal DNS Service with integrated Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), a unique appliance-driven solution which allows enterprises to scale their internal networks while maintaining the highest levels of performance and security. This new service allows UltraDNS customers to instantly authenticate users across a distributed network, ease the integration of advanced services such as VoIP, and realize cost savings with no infrastructure to manage or maintain.

"The adoption of a DNS/DHCP management strategy is poised to gain acceptance. This acceptance will accelerate in 2006 as more companies are relying on their Internet links to drive revenue as well as upgrading their IT infrastructure, implementing VoIP initiatives, enabling mobility through WLAN, and centralizing network and service management efforts," said Elisabeth Rainge, Director of IDC's Network and Service Management, Next-Generation OSS and Telecom Billing programs. "As the landscape for DNS/DHCP continues to evolve, UltraDNS is moving in the right direction with its managed service."

UltraDNS has leveraged its expertise in providing carrier-class DNS services for approximately 20% of the world's Internet domains and thousands of global enterprises to address the increasingly complex internal DNS environment facing organizations. By combining its globally distributed Directory Services Platform with high-availability appliances deployed behind the customer's firewall, UltraDNS is able to provide DNS services that can scale to enhance the distributed networks of the largest global enterprises while greatly easing network management complexity. In addition, UltraDNS customers can now manage both their internal and external DNS environments via an advanced, unified management portal.

"With the significant growth Financial Engines has experienced and the growing complexity of our IT infrastructure, DNS is critical to our business operations," said Matthew Todd, Ph.D., vice president of technical operations at Financial Engines, a leading provider of portfolio management and investment advice. "UltraDNS' managed services approach means our investment in DNS scales with our business and does not require the significant upfront capital expenditures often associated with competing hardware and software solutions."

The UltraDNS Managed Internal DNS Service Offers the Following Features:

  • Highly Secure, Fully Integrated DNS/DHCP Solution
    The Managed Internal DNS Service offers the same proven manageability, reliability, security and performance that UltraDNS has provided customers for their external DNS, integrated with a flexible, high-availability DHCP capability. The advanced management functionality reduces configuration errors and centralizes global administration across dispersed offices.
  • UltraDNS Appliance Allows for Local Resolution and Global Management
    The Service leverages UltraDNS' Directory Services Platform to provide highly secure, flexible and scalable DNS/DHCP data management, and centralized administration of appliances on a global scale. The UltraDNS Directory Gateway appliance deployed within the corporate network provides local resolution, which minimizes latency and maximizes reliability, critical for advanced communication services such as VoIP.
  • Fully Managed Internal DNS Service
    The UltraDNS solution is a unique, managed service, including real-time monitoring, authentication of users and 24/7 customer support.
  • Reduced Life Cycle Costs with Usage-based Service
    Traditional internal DNS hardware and software solutions require significant upfront expenditure to ensure sufficient capacity for both current and future requirements. Alternatively, the UltraDNS managed service approach aligns costs with actual business operations.

The announcement of the Managed Internal DNS Service is part of UltraDNS' broader strategic initiative to deliver a range of high value, cost effective managed services to the corporate network. Later this year, UltraDNS will introduce advanced monitoring and failover and load balancing services delivered through the UltraDNS Directory Gateway appliance. With its global network distributed across four continents, proprietary technology and 24/7 support, UltraDNS is uniquely positioned to provide these secure, mission-critical services on the global scale required by international enterprises.

"The acceleration in adoption of advanced, IP-based communication services has significantly increased the critical nature and complexity of our customers' internal DNS/DHCP infrastructures," said Ben Petro, president and CEO, UltraDNS. "As the recognized leader in providing mission critical, managed DNS services, addressing these challenges is a very natural extension of both our technology and business expertise."

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