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Hello, Australia: Please Vote These Guys Out


So I heard about this ridiculous news the other day that now Australian customs officers have been given new powers to search incoming travelers' laptops and mobile phones for pornography, according to The Age.


Come on.


First the Internet filtering, a la porn wall, and now this?

And I thought America was bad.

Wow. We're all really screwed, I think, when we let politicians regulate the Internet, regardless of the reason.

Especially in self-proclaimed "democratic nations".

Vote these people out of office, as soon as possible.

They are a threat to you, your future, the future of the Internet, and the future progress of technological innovation.

Because they are not in control.


- ferg

By Fergie, Director of Threat Intelligence
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You are right man, I find it John Briscoe  –  May 23, 2010 12:55 AM PDT

You are right man, I find it hard to understand why I should declare to Australian customs the possession of perfectly legal material.

When I enter Australia I will have to tick a checkbox declaring if I have any pornography on me.

So, when I go to visit with my wife and kids I will have to let Australian customs officers known that I have a picture of a cute girl in my mobile phone, if I lie and do not tick the box I will be breaking the law.

The worst part will be if I have home made porn videos with my wife in my laptop, I will then have to allow custom officers to watch it. Infront of me and my wife of course.

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