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.xom, BrandJacking and Error-Search

BusinessWeek is running a column called 'Brandjacking' on the Web. In summary, nobody likes deliberate cybersquatting or typosquatting. But if Typo domain-names did not exist, the traffic would continue to flow to Microsoft or Google via the browser's error search where those very large companies would make money in the same manner as the 'evil cybersquatters'. I'm all for stopping this problem, but removing a domain name does not stop the "traffic" from going somewhere.

While BusinessWeek is at it, I hope they find some page-space to devote to the glaring inequity of .xom, .cpm etc. Based on the lack of interest on the part of corporate America, you'd think Cybersquatting in the browser or 'to the right of the dot' is a-okay!

On a dollar basis, cybersquatting is the little problem… what happens in the browsers is the 800lb gorilla 'nobody wants to address' (no feeble pun intended).

By Frank Schilling, Founder

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