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Meta 2020: Talking Internet on the Internet

As with other meetings and conferences, the IGF-USA decided to move our annual event to a virtual format held on 22-23 July. We will discuss important matters of the Internet, using the Internet from our secure Internet access points. This format allows us to continue critical dialogue safe from viruses, murder hornets and whatever else is thrown at us this year.

I'm terribly disappointed not to see everyone in person, but we've created a lively program, with dynamic guests and will maximize software to generate and maintain excitement over the event. Details on confirmed panelist are regularly updated on our website for each of our nine sessions, which explore the following topics:

  • Evaluating the success of American Internet companies in responding to America's needs during the COVID-19 pandemic via a review of several use cases and emerging trends.
  • A debate on encryption sharing diverse positions on the following resolution: the government should require ISPs and apps to enable lawful access to data in transit that is protected by end-to-end encryption.
  • A thoughtful look at the impact of COVID-19 on the education sector and the challenges of remote learning, including amplification of the digital divide in the US.
  • An update on 5G wireless in the context of international security standards, national security interests and access to open networks and their impact on IOT.
  • A discussion of whether online platforms and intermediaries should be accountable for user-created content, including a discussion of recent developments from the executive branch.
  • Defining myriad threat vectors of Internet infrastructure security that impact end-users, but are often not visible to those users.
  • A review of how privacy law shifted to meet the immediate healthcare needs of Americans and the commencement of contact tracing efforts.
  • Surveying the current AI market in terms of machine learning and data lakes and their impact on business and end-users.
  • A look to the future and what the pandemic foretells about the future of Internet governance, the priorities, the actors and the governance model itself.

Please register now and add to your calendars to be a part of this exciting event. If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact me for details on promotion opportunities. In addition to the formal sessions, we are hosting networking coffee breaks between sessions and a wrap-up cocktail party on the 23rd with a professional bartender and many themed cocktails.

So buzz off murder hornets, we've got important matters of Internet governance to advance.

By Melinda Clem, Vice President, Strategy at Afilias – Board Chairwoman for the i2 Coalition and Co-Chair of IGF-USA. Visit Page

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