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Canada Says Facebook Has Refused to Address Serious Privacy Deficiencies Concerning Its Local Laws

APRIL 25, 2019 / Canada’s federal privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien in a news conference expressing dismay on Facebook's response to investigation findings.

The Canadian government released a statement saying "Facebook committed serious contraventions of Canadian privacy laws and failed to take responsibility for protecting the personal information of Canadians." Following Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal last year and despite its public acknowledgment of a "major breach of trust," Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada says Facebook disputes Canada's investigation findings and "refuses to implement recommendations to address deficiencies."

Sanctioning power: "Facebook's actions point to the need for giving provincial and federal privacy regulators stronger sanctioning power in order to protect the public's interests. ... The ability to levy meaningful fines would be an important starting point," says B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner Michael McEvoy.

How it all started: The complaint that initiated the Canadian investigations was the surfacing of reports revealing Facebook had allowed an organization to use an app to access users' personal information. The investigation found Facebook in violation of several federal and B.C. privacy laws.

See you in court, says Canada: "The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada plans to take the matter to Federal Court to seek an order to force the company to correct its privacy practices."

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