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Join InterCommunity 2015 on July 7/8 to Talk Future of Internet Governance, Security, Access

Dan York

What are the most pressing Internet governance issues in the next 2-5 years? What are the biggest priorities in terms of making the Internet more secure and trusted? What are the best ways to bring the next 3 billion people online?

Those will all be topics of discussion at the "InterCommunity 2015” meeting taking place this week on July 7 and 8. The meeting will not take place at any one physical location… rather it is a meeting ON the Internet. Anyone can join in to participate at:


You can join in from your home, office or wherever you can get Internet access. In some cities around the world, there will be regional nodes where people will be gathering (and I, in fact, will be in the Ottawa, Ontario, node).

The meeting is taking part in two sessions to bring in people across all timezones. The two sessions are:

  • 7 July 2015 – 20:00 to 22:30 UTC
  • 8 July 2015 – 06:00 to 08:30 UTC

You can join into whichever session works for you.

There is no cost to participate… you simply have to register. InterCommunity 2015 is a global meeting of Internet Society members, but if you are not already a member (membership is free!) you can easily join as a member as part of the registration process.

InterCommunity 2015 is a great opportunity to join with people across the world to talk about how we address these critical issues - and to join together to take action to bring about the Internet's full potential.

Please join with us!

P.S. Internet Society President and CEO Kathy Brown published her thoughts about the importance of this meeting!

By Dan York, Author and Speaker on Internet technologies - and on staff of Internet Society – Dan is employed as a Senior Content Strategist with the Internet Society but opinions posted on CircleID are entirely his own. Visit the blog maintained by Dan York hereVisit Page
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