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Cable Trounces the Telcos

Brough Turner

Yesterday, Netflix posted graphs of how well various ISPs deal with Netflix video streams.  The results are striking.

All the cable companies easily beat all the phone companies with the exception of Verizon where we're seeing a mix of DSL and FiOS results.

And just in case you believed the hype about 4G, notice that Clearwire's Clear service comes in below DSL.  There is no reason to believe LTE networks will do any better once they have customers, i.e. once they are carrying commercially viable levels of traffic.

By Brough Turner, Founder & CTO at netBlazr
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Not exaggerating much, are you Brough? Richard Bennett  –  Feb 01, 2011 8:10 PM PDT

The Netflix data raises more questions than it answers regarding the capacity of their own servers, the encodes they support, and the transit/paid peering services their CDNs employ. Given that NFLX changes CDNs every six months, they're certainly aware of bottlenecks on their side of the exchange as well.

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