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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Canadian Anti-Spam Bill C-27

CAUCE just posted a blog entry about C-27; we will be speaking to the Industry, Science, and Technology committee reviewing the bill this afternoon. The meeting will be webcast starting at 15:30 eastern (see the CAUCE site for details, and a copy of our presentation, available at 15:30).

There is broadband support for the bill, to which I will add one comment: CAUCE is very much in favour of this bill.

The Canadian Marketing Association applauded the bill. "This is important news for legitimate marketers and good news for consumers," said the CMA's president and CEO, John Gustavson, in a statement. "Through rigorous enforcement and the backing of the federal government, we will now have a law that will help combat what has been an ongoing problem for legitimate companies that use the Internet to grow their business."

"I sense that there's broad support for this legislation amongst all parties in the House" Michael Chong, the chair of the Industry, Science and Technology committee

"By and large there really (aren't) any significant concerns" Tom Copeland, Chair, Canadian Association of Internet Providers Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement says he's open to adjustments to proposed anti-spam legislation as long as they do not impede timely passage of the long overdue bill.

Clement said Canada had been a spam-safe country for too long, and that it is the only country among the seven major industrial countries that lacks a regime to protect Canadian consumers and businesses from being bombarded by unsolicited e-mail and other electronic spam messages.

By Neil Schwartzman, Executive Director, The Coalition Against unsolicited Commercial Email - CAUCE

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