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What Would You Like to Ask at the ICANN Public Fora in Mexico City?

ICANN has its 34th international public meeting in Mexico City on 1-6 March i.e. in just over a fortnight.

One of the consistent concerns I hear in my role as general manager of public participation for the organization is that there is not a way for people to ask questions to the staff and the Board. I don't think that's really true but I do accept that the formats used are not liked by a large number of people, whether that is asking questions in a chatroom or having to queue up to a microphone and ask your question facing the Board and in a room full of people.

So, we have created an online question box which is very simple and easy to use where you can ask your questions today and all the way up to the beginning of the meeting.

We have two main public forums in Mexico City — the first on Monday will cover solely the Applicant Guidebook, and the second on Thursday will cover any ICANN-related topic. The same form can be used for both.

If you want more information, please go to the official announcement here:

Or if you want to comment on the process, go to the blog post here:

The actual question box is online here:

I will try to embed the question box within this post, so it may appear below and you can submit questions without have to click forward.

Either way, I hope you will all take this opportunity to ask reasoned and reasonable questions of the ICANN staff and Board.

By Kieren McCarthy, Freelance journalist; Executive Director at IFFOR

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