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Renewed Internet.nl Website: Modern Standards Need to be Used for a Free, Open and Secure Internet

Modern Internet Standards provide for more reliability and further growth of the Internet. But are you using them? You can test this on the Dutch website Internet.nl (also available in English and Polish). Recently the website was renewed. Not only the style has been adapted, but also the way the tests are performed and the test results are shown. A lot of additional information has been added, so that even the tech savvy internet users can find an explanation underpinning the test results.

The website, an initiative of the Dutch internet community and the Dutch Government, is used to promote standards that will enable us to make the best possible use of the internet as we know it. To beat internet crime and to improve our interconnectivity, we strongly believe in applying these modern internet standards. These will safeguard our websites, our email communications and our privacy — something all of us should care about. We are very happy to see a growing number of users, that test local connections, domains as well as email settings. The tests provided at Internet.nl are quite fast and based on international collaboration efforts within the internet community. We think this is the only reasonable way forward in order to keep the internet as a source of connecting people, sharing information and open access to a wide range of resources. We constantly aim at improving both our tests and our advise to the users of our website. This is only possible thanks to the continuing support of the members of the Dutch Internet Standards Platform. But also your use of Internet.nl and all your questions and comments help us to better understand how these modern standards can be used in the best way.

As a spin-off of our efforts, earlier this year the Dutch Secure Email Coalition was established: an initiative that aims to focus on improving security in our daily use of email. Besides members of the Dutch Internet Standards Platform this coalition has new members from the Government and Industry sector that closely work together in sharing knowledge and experience regarding the implementation of modern standards like DMARC/DKIM, SPF and DNSSEC. Our first meetings have been very informative and productive and I look forward to see a growing number of organizations implementing these standards.

I hope that still more users will find Internet.nl not only useful, but inspiring as well. The Hall of Fame shows that a growing number of organizations and individuals are able to reach a 100% score. I think that this is really promising and hope that all of you will help us to keep the internet, open, free and secure!

By Gerben Klein Baltink, Chairman of the Dutch Internet Standards Platform

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