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Latest Movers and Shakers in the World of Dot Brands

There are now well over 100 brands actively using their new dot brand domains to promote their goods and services. The latest release of the Dot Brand Observatory, which is now a complimentary resource, produced by dotStories in collaboration with Verisign and Valideus paints a picture of a vibrant market that is developing significantly.

The latest statistics from the Dot Brand Observatory show that:

  • There are 719 Dot Brand websites (up 20% in just two months)
  • 55% of the active domains are re-directs to existing content
  • The latest Dot Brand launches have been: Sharp, Ricoh, Fresenius, CBS, State Bank of India, India's biggest bank is in the process of switching their domains completely across to their Dot Brand, .sbi
  • Audi is now the second largest Dot Brand with 558 domains registered
  • .Google has 16 domains registered, of which 4 are active sites

Examples of Dot Brands

BRADESCO: One of the earliest dot brands to fully migrate over to a new dot brand site. Bold move redirecting Bradesco.com.br and Bradesco.com to banco.bradesco.

SANDVIK: Migration of customer portal to Dot Sankvik, done country by country rather than all at once. Sandvik also created a 'You are visiting: dot brand site' to help user experience.

SEAT: All authorized Spanish dealers — 95 in total — use a Dot Seat domain. This shows how a dot brand can support the global business by reinforcing partnerships with authorized dealers. (Image showing example dealer site: www.irunamotor.seat)

SWATCH: Swatch created a microsite for their POP brand of watches — one of their most iconic products. pop.swatch is the official site for the POP watch and it is a highly optimized and interactive website.

SHELL: Buzz.shell used as an internal mini-site for community building and employee communication.

AUDI: Social site for Audi dealership members created around the 2016 dealership meeting (Image showing Audi's www.singer-marktoberdorf.audi)

About the dot brand observatory

The Dot Brand Observatory is a comprehensive research programme into the new branded Top Level Domains. It offers detailed analysis of strategies, tactics and operations of the first movers, as well as benchmarks and insights. It is a full analysis of the 551 Dot Brand gTLDs.

It provides:

  • An interactive dashboard
  • A profile of every active website
  • Multi-criteria analysis
  • Case studies
  • Best practice notes

Key facts about Dot Brands:

  • There are 551 Dot Brands in total
  • Of those 543 are now live on the internet
  • 112 are active brands
  • There are over 6,000 domains registered within the active Dot Brand registries
  • There are 719 active websites within the Dot Brand environment

By Guillaume Pahud, CEO

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