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Vehicle Manufacturers Tell Govt to Stay Off Regulating "Internet of Cars"

Major car manufacturers in U.S. are asking Congress to stay away from any type of increased regulation unless "absolutely necessary" as the industry evolves to take advantage of the "Internet of cars."

"Representatives of Toyota, Tesla and GM are scheduled to testify before a House Oversight subcommittee on Wednesday, when they will tout the safety and comfort benefits of increasingly connected cars in prepared testimony. Their plea for limited government intervention comes after the recall of 1.4 million Chrysler vehicles earlier this year when researchers found a flaw that allowed them to remotely hack into the vehicles. 'Regulation at a time of rapid innovation runs the risk of limiting the realization of the full extent of safety advances,' Tesla's head of business development Diarmuid O'Connell will say when testifying Wednesday. Increased regulation should be avoided unless 'absolutely necessary,' he will say."

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Oh, the irony! Neil Schwartzman  –  Nov 30, 2015 4:57 AM PDT

Because non-regulation has worked out so very well …

Sudden acceleration problems

In my world, the car manufacturers are sociopaths who need every bit of regulation available.

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