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NeuStar and NetNumber Partner to Accelerate Adoption of IP-Based Registry Services

NeuStar announced today that it will enter into an agreement with NetNumber to expand the current working relationship between the companies. Under the terms of the new agreement, the companies will collaborate on sales and marketing activities in selected markets. The partnership will also include coordination of feature roadmaps for relevant products and services, in response to customer demand for interoperability between NeuStar's SIP-IX service and NetNumber's SPIDER and TITAN technology platforms. As part of the agreement, NetNumber will become a member of NeuStar's Industry Alliance Program. NeuStar has also agreed to provide hosting and other infrastructure-related services utilizing NetNumber's SPIDER technology.

"We are very pleased to add NetNumber as a key partner in the Alliance," said Jeff Ganek, NeuStar Chairman and CEO. "The value of the Industry Alliance Program is the sum of its interconnected partner members, and NetNumber's TITAN and SPIDER technologies will bring strategic merit to our suite of interoperability solutions."

"We believe that collaboration between our companies and our technologies will help speed the adoption of direct network peering between key communications industry participants," said Glenn Marschel, NetNumber CEO.

The NetNumber TITAN platform is a highly flexible, carrier-grade, multi-protocol addressing infrastructure used by service providers to support multiple IP and SS7/C7 address resolution services. The Service Provider Interconnect Data Exchange Resource (SPIDER) is a specialized registry data distribution platform developed by NetNumber that is used by registry solution providers to enable the efficient exchange of interconnect address information between trusted communications service providers and VoIP communities.

NeuStar's SIP-IX is the first comprehensive suite of services designed to enable direct network-to-network peering between trading partners for voice, video and content services using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based technologies such as IP multimedia (IMS) and VoIP. Derived from NeuStar's private ENUM infrastructure, SIP-IX is a comprehensive service that integrates NeuStar's policy-enabled shared directory services into the peering fabric of major Internet Exchange Providers around the world.

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