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More on Story Behind .ASIA

James Seng, my good colleague in APEET, said:

...Chiao called .ASIA "more or less like a joint venture among APxx organizations". I say nonsense!

When I say more or less, I mean more or less… On this .ASIA entry, I've intended to use the language carefully at this moment 'cos I know someone will be watching…

At the ICANN board meeting held in Mar del Plata on Fri (Apr 8), the ICANN board Chairman Dr. Vint Cerf said the followings publicly on stage:

"Vint Cerf: Oh, that feels good. Okay. Back to work.

All right. The next item is really just an update for everyone with regard to the other top-level domain — new sTLDs that are under consideration.

I want to formally say for the record that there are additional sTLDs under consideration; in particular, .asia, .mail, and .tel, and there are two of those, and .xxx.

Of those, we have had fairly extensive discussion about .asia and .xxx. We continue to evaluate those. The others will be attended to as we can get to them. But I want to say for the record that we will attempt within the next 30 days to come to a conclusion one way or the other about .asia and .xxx so these will be on a board call sometime within that period.

So for the parties who are awaiting the outcome, I want them to have some sense of assurance that we will address this matter in an expeditious way."

OK, back to the argument. One thing I have to agree with James (if I understand him correctly) is that up to this moment I still don't think .ASIA is completely, 100% nature joint venture among Asia Pacific (AP) organizations. It's more or less a joint venture among APNIC, APNG, APTLD, many AP-ccTLD registries, individual experts, etc, who show their support through LOI/LOS documents. I don't know if there's better way to do this.

I also don't think other sTLDs in ICANN's bag are 100% sTLD. I don't expect ALL APxx organizations will begin working together under the .ASIA umbrella, as I don't expect all mobile vendors or carriers would work together for .mobi and all travel agents in the world will agree to use .travel.

Che-Hoo showed his talent to hook up those circles. He did manage to do it and the stakeholders agree to it. It's a distributed region, for thousands of years, and people in this region still don't know well about each other. So I said in my post at the end...it's a tough challenge, one step at a time.

It is not "IS". It is not "NOT". It is more or less. If you're a Chinese and you'd know the art of this type of language.

- 'more or less' in Chinese is "多多少少" (duo duo shao shao).
- Apology for my English, since I was not fully educated in the ASCII.something environment.

By Chiao, TWNIC

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Re: More on Story Behind .ASIA By Suresh Ramasubramanian  –  Apr 17, 2005 7:38 pm PDT

I think James is objecting to the role of Afilias in this (such as his statement that they funded Che-Hoo to organize support for .asia, and that he doubts if other organizations such that get tld management outsourced to them, or local governments, were consulted in the matter) rather than anything else.

Agreed, .asia is something that has been discussed over the last two or three years at least, but some of James' questions are worth discussing.  Getting into an argument over them (as the thread between James and CheHoo is tending to become) may not be as productive though

Re: More on Story Behind .ASIA By Ram Mohan  –  Apr 17, 2005 8:46 pm PDT

Hmm ... while there is a commerical interest involved, Afilias' commitment to the proliferation of the Internet is the underlying strategic reason here — the company has funded other initiatives in other parts of the world, including Apricot, AFNOG, NDSS, INET etc. etc.

Attacking Che Hoo's integrity gets us nowhere - he's been an individual of outstanding rectitude. Countries that don't participate in many other international fora are interested in this venture.  I see nothing to apologize for returning domain registration fees back to the country of origin.

Fact is, Che-Hoo now has more members signed up in the not-for-profit .ASIA venture than ICANN's own ccNSO.

Whether ICANN approves the domain or not, this by itself is a remarkable event. Actions, not words.

Note: These comments are my personal opinion

Re: More on Story Behind .ASIA By James Seng  –  Apr 19, 2005 1:53 am PDT

My objection is in the *form* of .ASIA - of how is it been put together. We have to asked ourselves if it is *really* community driven - on the surface it is, but for those who witness the foundation, no.

It already started off wrongly. And experience tells me it is futile to think you can fixed it after it is formed. So lets stop the mistake here and now.

ps: Let me repeat again: I am not anti-afilias or against che-hoo (i have nothing against che-hoo, whom I know for years). I would have said all the same of these if it is someone else, say verisign or neustar. The lack of accountibility is not acceptable.

Re: More on Story Behind .ASIA By Che-Hoo CHENG  –  Apr 19, 2005 6:43 am PDT

Dear all,

We are constructing an FAQ Section on our website which will address many of the misunderstandings and questions that people may have.  It should be ready by early next week.  Please have a look then.  Thanks a lot.

Interim CEO
DotAsia Organisation Limited

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