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ISOC-NY Panel: The Future of WHOIS Policy (Webcast)

Joly MacFie

The Metropolitan NY Chapter of the Internet Society continued its popular series of public events at the Jefferson Market library in Greenwich Village with a panel discussion on WHOIS policy, moderated by Danny Younger. This is a contentious issue, involving tradeoffs between privacy, anonymity, and accountability.

Panel members were: Jon Nevett, VP Policy & Ethics, Network Solutions; Wendy Seltzer, North American representative, ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee; Attorney Bruce A. McDonald, Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP; Jordyn Buchanan, Chair ICANN WHOIS Task Force; Jeff Neuman, Senior Director, Law, Advanced Services and Business Development, NeuStar Inc.; Rita Rodin, Member, ICANN Board of Directors. A Q&A session followed.

Webcast of ISOC-NY's panel on WHOIS policy, Nov 8 2006, is available here.

By Joly MacFie, VP (Admin) - ISOC-NY
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Re: ISOC-NY Panel: The Future of WHOIS Policy (Webcast) Brandon CS Sanders  –  Nov 15, 2006 6:50 PM PST

At the last two ICANN meetings I've heard optimistic folks (including board members) suggesting that WHOIS would be resolved before the next ICANN.  Doesn't seem to have happened yet.  What was the sense among the panelists for how close to resolution this issue is?

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