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Japan Fueling China's Leap to 5G, but for How Long?

Telecom technician working on a 5G tower in Songjiang district, Shanghai (Photo: Zhang Hengwei / China News Service)

As the U.S. is making it tough for American companies to help China roll out super-fast cellular networks, Japan, a U.S. ally, is fueling China with parts needed to blanket the nation with 5G cellular service, WSJ's River Davis reports. China is one of the few reliable sources of profit for Japanese companies suffering from the impact of the coronavirus. "The question is how long Japan, whose territory is protected by U.S. forces, and other U.S. allies such as Germany and South Korea can keep up the business."

U.S. has started to recognize that despite its initial export controls (mainly affecting U.S. companies), it has not stopped Chinese companies like Huawei from importing the technology they need. But, Wendy Cutler, a former top U.S. trade negotiator now at the Asia Society, says the "drumbeat of export controls" could soon reach U.S. allies.

— "Washington policy makers fear that if China seizes the lead in building out a large, reliable 5G network, it could export more of its gear to other countries, which could become dependent on China."

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What is the source of this article? By Milton Mueller  –  Jun 30, 2020 3:25 pm PDT

What is the source of this article? Where did you get it?

The source is linked in the post. By Ali Farshchian  –  Jun 30, 2020 3:42 pm PDT

The source is linked in the post. It was reported yesterday in the WSJ.

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