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Reduce Churn with Better Visibility Over Your Service Activation Processes

Ronan Bracken

How much visibility do you have over service activation processes?

For many service providers, the answer to that question is bleak. The sad truth is that visibility over service activation processes, including errors and misconfigurations, is lacking in many Tier 3, Tier 2, and even Tier 1 organizations. Today's operators often turn to multiple siloed systems when attempting to ensure that services are activated accurately, on time, and are working as promised.

As an operator, this is something you absolutely must avoid. Service activation is one of the most important impressions you can make on your subscribers, and unseen or unresolved errors can quickly lead to increased subscribers churn. The faster you can gain audit information from your solution, the less risk you face.

What audit information should you be able to track from your service activation platform? We've prepared this list of questions to help you ensure that your solution has holistic vision of the service activation process:

  • Did the network message get to the order management system?
  • Did the order management system process the order?
  • Was the message sent to the correct network servers, e.g. softswitch, element management system (EMS), conditional access system, email server?
  • Who processed the order?
  • Did a user change the order?
  • How do we avoid having to:
    - trace through multiple logs?
    - reduce the number of servers to check?
    - reduce the amount of manual intervention to find out the source of the problem?

Finding fast answers to all of these questions from a single solution means that you can ensure your subscribers are delivered the services they were promised. If you need multiple systems in order to answer these questions, it's time to look for a different solution.

By Ronan Bracken, Product Manager at Incognito Software Systems

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