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The Christmas Goat and IPv6 (Year 7)

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Torbjörn Eklöv

It was a great year for the goat! 2016 marked the 50th anniversary for the Christmas Goat and there was a grand opening ceremony along with music and fireworks. But only a few hours after the opening, a pyromaniac set the goat on fire.

The only track the police have is a cap below that they hope to find DNA in and a crappy picture of the pyromaniac's back.

Municipality of Gavle decided not to rebuild the Goat but there have been a little brother of it nearly in the same spot for many years. They moved that goat to the original place. But after a few days a car ran into the smaller Goat and overturned it. But shame on those who give up — so today the smaller goat is in place and upright!

For the first time with my IPv6 measurements of the goat, I will publish the result before it's disabled by fire or dismantled (see live feed).

This year it was 27% native IPv6 unique visitors! But as usual there are very little action from Sweden.

Values from previous measurements:

2010 – 0.1% Native IPv6
2011 – 1 %
2012 – 1.4 %
2013 – 3.4 %
2014 – 11.1 % (!!!)
2015 – 14 %
2016 – 27%

In Sweden we have almost doubled the IPv6 usage every year for three years now. From 1.2% 2014 to over 4% 2016. Is 4% good or bad? Very bad! Shame on you every major ISP in Sweden! :)

Source: http://labs.apnic.net/cgi-bin/ccpagev6?c=SE

World wide Google also shows a clear increase so we can't neglect IPv6 any more.

Source: https://www.google.com/intl/en/ipv6/statistics.html#tab=ipv6-adoption&tab=ipv6-adoption

Have a happy and good IPv6 year during 2017!

By Torbjörn Eklöv, CTO, Senior Network Architect, DNSSEC/IPv6

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Settlements will drive pervasive IPv6 adoption Michael Elling  –  Dec 21, 2016 3:47 AM PDT

The internet lacks settlements providing price signals for incentives and disincentives between actors.  Want pervasive IPv6?  Introduce settlements.  Merry Christmas!

Late reply Torbjörn Eklöv  –  Jan 11, 2017 3:18 PM PDT

I hope I understand you correctly.
Internet is ONE settlement, not two or four or infinite.

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