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Curious Statement About 2012 gTLD Round Name Collision Fears at IGF

During his presentation at IGF on 7 December in Guadalajara, Akram Atallah, President of ICANN's Global Domain Division, said the following:

So when you look at that, you'll see that we are left with only 20 to go. There are a few that need to be withdrawn that haven't withdrawn. There are a few that have applied for strings like mail that were found to be ‑‑ to have ‑‑ there is 20 of them, ink, that apply for home corporate mail that haven't withdrawn where the study we did on collisions found that these three strings ‑‑ they have a lot of collisions, and therefore, the board has issued a resolution not to delegate.

This surprised me, but since the meeting was about possible new application procedures and not the handling of the last round's persistent problems, I decided not to ask at that point. But I am still confused by the statement.

– I thought that any decision the Board had made was temporary, until the technical staff and community tried to work it out. This is still a pending activity as far as I know.

– I thought there was a formal request from the applicants to the ICANN Board to do something about this long lasting quandary.

So how is it that now the ICANN Board has decided and they are just waiting for these applicants to give up and walk away from applications they made in good faith and for which they are still waiting for a just resolution?

Is this a proper way for ICANN to treat its newly acquired stewardship?

By Avri Doria, Researcher
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