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M-Government Requires Mobile ID

Paul Budde

More and more governments are now looking at electronic ways to deliver services to their citizens. With the enormous growth in mobile penetration this infrastructure is now becoming a viable alternative in the delivery of services.

But personal authentication is required to make this happen. This is recognised throughout the industry for a range of services and the GSMA has launched a project 'Mobile Contact' aimed at developing a standardised mobile ID. People already have to manage many user names and passwords and the GSMA wants to avoid that from happening in the mobile market.

The Indian government is leading the m-government initiative, specifically aimed at the bottom of the pyramid — the people in the villages, many of whom have insufficient funds to buy their own phones and services. Through mobile IDs they can use the village phone or phones belonging to family members and still be able to receive personal services.

Further initiatives include the use of mobile technology to improve educational options, again by providing personalised services on a self-education basis, supported by a government program. This program has already been successful in attracting students to the STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing). In particular an INTEL-led initiative has been successful in attracting female students to the project. This group now accounts for 46% of the participants in their program. Over the past years 7 million students have participated in this project.

By Paul Budde, Managing Director of Paul Budde Communication – Paul is also a contributor of the Paul Budde Communication blog located hereVisit Page
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