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What if France Had Applied for a .WINE New gTLD?

If France had applied...

Would the French Government or any other French Private company — such as a French Vineyard — had applied to the .WINE Top-Level Domain, one could wonder what would the situation be today.

Well… the situation would be the exact same — the applicant would be in front of three other .WINE applicants with this exact same question: how do I win the auction?

A "standard application"

All three .WINE projects are standard applications and all stick to what the ICANN new gTLD guidebook offers: a possibility to submit a new gTLD application with certain specifications. In the case of a generic application, nothing says that specific requirements are necessary to apply for a sensitive domain name extension like .WINE: there is no blocking mechanism which allows to decide if an application is sensitive or not but objections. The Independent Objector (IO) maybe…

"Standard applications", "Community applications" and "Geographic applications" were created by ICANN to offer a range of procedures for applicants to decide whether "they" considered if their application was sensitive or not. ICANN has no "conseil des sages" or CFT procedure upfront to do a first check up in the new gTLD application process.

So what now?

By Jean Guillon, New gTLDs "only".

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