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Who Will Apply for .SCOUT in Round 2

Jean Guillon

I was pretty much suprised not to see any application for .SCOUT in round 1 of the ICANN new gTLD program. There were two applications for .GUIDE but a guide is a guide and a scout...is a scout.

I remember going to meetings and introducing the potential of .SCOUT. Basically, what is say on my personal website: "I look forward to organize a team around one major Community project for round 2:

  • String is not listed in ICANN new gTLD round 1;
  • Population: 40 000 000 members (a little less);
  • Turn over on year 3 after launch: 12 000 000 €;
  • If you are interested, contact me".

I used the presentation after and just like it happened for .WINE, it took time, I had few introductions, it was difficult to understand at that time and...it was expensive. Many of us heard the same words when trying to promote new gTLDs in 2009.

I still think there is space for .SCOUT and believe there can be an applicant in Round 2 for a Community project. I never told them but I think there's a person able to deal with it in the new gTLD space (in the Unites States of America), it is John Matson from Architelos. Just read the end of his résumé, you understand why.

In France there is another connection to have for .SCOUT, it is Jean-Paul Béchu from Accredited Registrar Nameshield.

Applying for a .SCOUT new gTLD will probably require to deal with The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). I believe they are now informed about new gTLDs.

By Jean Guillon, New gTLDs "only".
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