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Fabricio Vayra

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Fabricio Vayra concentrates his practice on intellectual property and Internet policy issues. He counsels corporate clients on comprehensive trademark and IP enforcement programs, domain name matters, and Internet governance policy strategies and related regulatory advocacy. He has been closely involved in the policy debates and stakeholder negotiations related to expanding the Internet through additional top-level domains and has also managed expansive IP enforcement programs and large corporate restructuring issues pertaining to trademarks and related license, acquisition and divestiture negotiations and agreements.

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Eliminating Access to WHOIS - Bad for All Stakeholders

Steeped deep in discussions around the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the past several months, it has occurred to me that I've been answering the same question for over a decade: "What happens if WHOIS data is not accessible?" One of the answers has been and remains the same: People will likely sue and serve a lot of subpoenas. This may seem extreme, and some will write this off as mere hyperbole, but the truth is that the need for WHOIS data to address domain name matters will not disappear. more

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Eliminating Access to WHOIS - Bad for All Stakeholders