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Michael Oghia

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Michael J. Oghia is a Belgrade-based Internet governance consultant & editor focusing on sustainable access, digital rights, media literacy, and development. He is a third culture kid (TCK) with professional experience in conflict resolution, journalism & media, civil society, and academia. Michael collaborates with DiploFoundation as assistant curator for the Digital Watch observatory, and was formerly the communications manager of iGmena, a program launched in 2012 by Hivos. He represented the Internet Society (ISOC) as a 2015 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) ambassador to IGF 10 in João Pessoa, Brazil, as well as a 2016 IGF returning ambassador to IGF 11 in Guadalajara, Mexico, and is actively involved in regional IGF initiatives, such as the Southeastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) and the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG). Michael is also a member of multiple Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) communities, including the Non-commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG), Noncommercial Users Constituency (NCUC), and Middle East and Adjoining Countries Strategy Working Group (MEAC-SWG), and participated in ICANN58 as a fellow. He has lectured on Internet governance at the Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB), co-organized a youth seminar on cybersecurity and digital rights in Bosnia & Herzegovina with the Cooperation and Development Network of Eastern Europe (CDN), as well as attended various Internet governance and media policy-related training programs, including the 2016 EuroDIG New Media Summer School and the 2016 Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute. Michael holds a Master of Arts in sociology from the American University of Beirut and a Bachelor of Science in sociology from the University of Louisville. Michael also loathes referring to himself in third person.

Country experience: USA, Lebanon, India, Turkey, & Serbia

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For the past 27 years, or at least as long as I can remember, I have heard one phrase on an endless loop: "youth are the future." It is a statement that always caused me to feel mild confusion. I thought, "How can I, for instance, be the future if I'm here now?" As I "grew up" and the term "youth" seem to expand in both meaning and breadth of inclusion, I quickly realized that when this statement is used by many it is platitudinous at best and disingenuous rhetoric at worst. What should actually be clarified is that, as no one is immune from the natural progression of the life course (at least not yet anyway), youth will one day constitute the key decision-makers in political, economic and social institutions. more»

A Billion Reasons Why the IGF Matters

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