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Avri Doria

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Avri Doria is an independent research consultant and has several clients who are following the the development on new gTLDs.

Ms. Doria, has been an Internet technologist involved in the development of Internet protocols and architectures for over 25 years, an active participant in the IETF, past chair of the IRTF Routing Research group, and Senior Fellow and past Technical Committee Chair of the Multi Service Forum She has also been active in Internet Governance for the past 5 years, was chair of the ICANN GNSO council, was an active particpant in WSIS and post WSIS civil society, is a past chair of the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus and was a member of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) . Ms Doria is a also a member of the APC Women's Networking Support Program and is currently serving as Chair of the ICANN Non Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG) Executive Committee

Her current projects include research into methods of bringing the Internet into areas that are communication challenged.  She has worked with the semi-nomadic S├ími population of Sapmi (aka Lapland) to develop an ICT infrastructure for the UNESCO heritage region of Laponia. Another current project involved creating a graduate curriculum in Internet Governance at LTU. Ms. Doria has one MA from the University of Chicago in Philosophy and one from Rhode Island College in Counseling Psychology and is allegedly trying to complete a trans disciplinary PhD dissertation at Blekinge University of Technology in Sweden on the nature of the relationship between technology and governance.

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