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Rajnesh Singh is Chairman of the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society ((PICISOC)) and Chair of ICANN's Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organisation (APRALO). He is an engineer and an entrepreneur with a wide technical background and management experience across many sectors.

Rajnesh has consulted on Communications & Power Infrastructure, Project Management and Business Strategy for medium to large companies and organisations in the Asia Pacific region, and holds several advisory roles across multiple sectors. Rajnesh is the founding President of the IPv6 Forum Pacific Islands and is also Director of the Pacific Internet Technology Centre.

To earn his keep, Rajnesh is Chief Operating Officer at PATARA, a leading technology vendor in the Pacific Islands, and Senior Vice President Operations & Strategy at AvonSys, an Internet startup. His current areas of interest are ICT Policy in Developing and Emerging Economies, Internet evolution, and Effective Business Strategies in Developing Markets. Rajnesh speaks multiple languages and has a strong interest in sports.

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