Mike O'Connor

Mike O'Connor

Curmudgeon Emeritus (formerly foo@bar.com)
Joined on May 20, 2006 – United States
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BA, Grinnell College — majored in drugs, sex and rock and roll

MBA, Cornell University — majored in Fear vs Greed

Community radio — KDNA, KUSP, WORT, National Federation of Community Broadcasters

Big-time consulting — Arthur Andersen, Coopers & Lybrand

Big titles — VP, Controller, CEO, CIO (various places)

Internet — Started an ISP, got a gaggle of great domains (bar.com, television.com, place.com, corp.com, etc.) back in the early days

ICANN — member of the ICANN ISPCP Constituency.  You want acronyms? I'm a GNSO and CCWG working-groups type guy — DSSA, VI, IRTP-A/B/etc., RAP, HSTLD, ZFA, PEDNR, CCWG, FRN

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