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Dyn Inc. Selects NTT America as Infrastructure Partner

NTT America, a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) and a global IP network services provider, today announced the company is helping customers provide premium externally managed DNS options for corporations and enterprises that need global, 24/7 access and support through its highest quality, fully redundant, dual stack, Tier-1 Global IP Network, as illustrated in a case study with Dynamic Network Services Inc. (Dyn Inc.), the world's fastest growing provider of managed DNS.

"Both Dyn and NTT America share a keen understanding of Internet and network infrastructure and Dyn can leverage a wide variety of NTT America's infrastructure assets including financial stability, depth of services and a forward thinking approach on using innovation to help efficiently and cost effectively grow businesses"

When selecting an infrastructure partner, Dyn prioritized top criteria including a high performance, IPv6 ready, global network supported by engineering based customer service and chose NTT America to help power the Web infrastructure of customers like Zappos, Netflix and Twitter. "For our customers, it's all about performance; our goal is to optimize the speed of response," said Tom Daly, Dyn's President and CTO. "That's why the only option is to go with a Tier-1 network and NTT America is one of the best in the world. The investment required to keep a global network running at the performance levels we need is one of the major factors in our choice of network partners."

Dyn's solutions for enterprises are based on the Dynect Platform, a scalable external DNS platform that directs Internet traffic, routes around outages and maximizes network performance. The platform has key features that enterprises demand in a premium service including active failover to avoid any outage events, efficient network load balancing and a CDN manager, which provides geographical or weighed load balancing to improve performance and cost efficiencies.

"The kind of advanced solutions we are able to offer depends fundamentally on two things, technical expertise and innovation, as well as support and service levels that are second to none," commented Daly. "One of the things about NTT America that really impressed us, and maybe it's because we are 90 percent staffed by engineers, is that if we have any issue or question, our calls are answered directly by a network engineer 24/7 in their Network Operations Center (NOC). You aren't routed to a call center where your call is triaged by someone who doesn't understand the issue. This is really critical to both us and our customers because we guarantee nearly 100 percent DNS resolution, just like NTT America guarantees 100 percent uptime."

"Both Dyn and NTT America share a keen understanding of Internet and network infrastructure and Dyn can leverage a wide variety of NTT America's infrastructure assets including financial stability, depth of services and a forward thinking approach on using innovation to help efficiently and cost effectively grow businesses," said Shuichi Ikeda, vice president of sales and business development for NTT America's Global IP Network Business Unit.

As a Tier-1 provider, NTT America's Global IP Network (GIN) provides private peering and seamless service from a single global ASN (ASN2914), directly connecting telecoms, ISPs, content providers, CDNs and enterprises at the highest performance levels available. In addition to its US and Latin American networking capabilities, NTT America employs six transpacific cable systems to provide one of the shortest, fastest paths for transpacific Internet traffic, meeting and often exceeding the performance metrics set by customers. In addition, the transpacific portion of the network has reached 300 gigabytes (300Gbps) per second of available capacity, one of the highest available for any global Tier-1 network. (Note: To view the NTT Communications Global IP Network, visit: http://www.ntt.net/english/about/network_map.cfm.)

To view the complete NTT America / Dyn Inc. case study, visit NTT America's website at http://www.us.ntt.net/products/case_studies/.

About NTT America

NTT America is North America's natural gateway to the Asia-Pacific region, with strong capabilities in the U.S. market. NTT America is the U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, the global data and IP services arm of a Fortune Global 500 telecom leader: Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (NTT). NTT America provides world-class Enterprise Hosting, managed network, and IP networking services for enterprise customers and service providers worldwide. For additional information on NTT America, visit us on the Web at www.us.ntt.com.

U.S. product information regarding the NTT Communications Global IP Network and its award winning IPv6 transit services may be found at http://www.us.ntt.net/, by calling 877-8NTT-NET (868-8638), or by emailing [email protected]. Follow NTT America on Twitter at @NTT_America or join us on Facebook at http://www.nttamerica.com/facebook for up-to-date news and announcements.

About NTT Communications Corporation

NTT Communications provides a broad range of global networks, management solutions and IT services to customers worldwide. The company is renowned for delivering reliable, high-quality security, hosting, voice, data and IP services; its expertise in managed networks; and its leadership in IPv6 transit technology. NTT Communications' extensive infrastructure includes Arcstar™ Global IP-VPN and Global e-VLAN, as well as a Tier-1 IP backbone reaching more than 150 countries in partnership with major Internet service providers, and secure data centers in Asia, North America, and Europe. NTT Communications is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, one of the world's largest telecoms with listings on the Tokyo, London and New York stock exchanges. Please visit www.ntt.com/index-e.html.

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