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Sue Watts

Global Marketing Leader, Digital Brand Services, CSC
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Sue Watts is the global marketing leader of CSC's Digital Brand Services division; her priorities are to position the growing set of solutions in the market with messaging that articulates the benefits to clients and conveys the importance of CSC's leadership within the industries it serves.

Prior to joining CSC in 2019, Sue held various senior marketing positions in the construction, chemical, software, and media sectors. For over twenty years, Sue has been a leader in marketing & communications with a strong focus on analytics and driving results, with proven success at driving business growth via cross-functional teams, influencing C-level executives, and working in a matrix team environment. She is passionate about enabling an organization to identify and communicate its unique value and engaging employees in delivering that value to the right audience.

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Your Cybersecurity is Only as Strong as Your Weakest Vendor

Managing the risk of third parties has become a compliance focus for many large organizations. Companies even work with third-party service providers and external vendors just to manage this risk. The recent SolarWinds attack escalates the critical need for chief compliance officers to collaborate with their business counterparts to identify and mitigate potentially unknown threats that lie within third-party supply chains. Yet how can companies manage this risk when it's not if but when you're attacked? more

Vendor Selection Matters in the Domain Registrar Ecosystem

Domain name abuse is one of the most dangerous and under-regulated issues in digital business security today. Many of the largest companies in the world still lack basic domain security protocols, making them prime targets for bad actors. An attack on a domain can lead to the redirection of a company's website, domain spoofing, domain and domain name system (DNS) hijacking attacks, phishing attacks, network breaches, and business email compromise (BEC). more

Four-Pronged Approach to Keep Your Domain Names and DNS Secure from Cyberattacks

Domain names, domain name systems (DNS), and digital certificates are fundamental components of the most important applications that enable your company to conduct business - including your website, email, voice-over IP, and more. However, these vital applications are being attacked with an increasingly high level of sophistication and severity. more

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