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Richi is an independent technology and marketing consultant, specializing in email, Linux, wireless, and computer security. He has been involved with messaging and collaboration technologies since 1985.

Previously, he was CTO at Samsung Contact, where he helped to launch Samsung's "Exchange on Linux" startup. Prior to that he was Chief Architect for OpenMail at Hewlett-Packard. Richi has a BSc. in Cybernetics and Computer Science from Reading University, England.

Richi is an unprofessional DJ, a rusty scuba diver, and was voted "Most likely to get up first to sing at karaoke" for eleven years in succession. He lives in Berkshire, United Kingdom. Sometimes, he updates his blog.

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling! ...or is it? What is this thing called "pharming"? Put simply, it's redirection of web traffic, so that the server you think you're talking to actually belongs to a criminal. For example: you think you're talking to because it says so in the browser's address bar, but actually you're connected to This can happen in three main ways: 1. DNS Hijack: a social engineering attack on the Internet infrastructure... more

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Several anti-spam companies talk about spam volumes in terms of a percentage of all inbound mail. Outsourced anti-spam services such as BlackSpider and Postini are currently quoting spam volumes in the 70%-85% range, having steadily grown over the last two+ years. That's nice, but it's actually hard to grasp what that means in absolute terms. more

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Spam Volume Redux

What is 'Pharming' and Should You Be Worried?