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Vint Cerf Explains Google's Biggest Challenge in Telecommunications Space

In his recent visit to Google's Seattle office, Vint Cerf discussed various topics with reporters including Google's recent bid on the wireless airwaves. Below are a couple of questions asked during this session by Seattle Times' reporter, Brier Dudley:

Q. What's going to be Google's biggest challenge if it moves into the telecommunications space?

Vint Cerf: "If we were to, for example, win the 22 MHz capacity or something like that on a national scale, then the biggest challenge there would be to figure out the most effective way to make use of that capacity. Are there third party arrangements we should consider, is there a wholesale model, do we actually run the service, do we cooperate with someone else [making] joint investments in infrastructure? All of those are questions that have got be answered. But I really don't see that as our biggest challenge. Our biggest challenge is to continue to evolve the search engine capability and our ability to serve up advertising information which is useful."

Q. How will Google manage all these different fronts that it's opening up? Telecommunications is a complicated business.

Vint Cerf: "You may be presuming something about what we will do should we in fact win this particular spectrum auction. I would be careful not to jump to any conclusions about what we will do if we have the rights to radiate in that frequency band. There are all kinds of ways of exercising that right. One of them is to build your own facilities. But there might be other answers that don't require us to do that."

Read full story: The Seattle Times

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Vinton Cerf, Co-designer of the TCP/IP Protocols & the Architecture of the Internet

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