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UK's Largest ISPs OK with Giving Priority to Apps, Internet Services

Barry Collins reporting in PCPro: "The UK's two biggest ISPs have openly admitted they'd give priority to certain internet apps or services if companies paid them to do so. Speaking at a Westminster eForum on net neutrality, senior executives from BT and TalkTalk said they would be happy to put selected apps into the fast lane, at the expense of their rivals."

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Why not give the consumer the ultimate choice Coen Dijkgraaf  –  Sep 28, 2010 1:57 PM PDT

and create an open standard that allows end applications to indicate their priority.
For example have three channels, high speed, normal and economy (each charged at different rates).
For example for you video calls your configure your application to request high speed.
For your web browsing you request normal, and for your BitTorent etc. you request economy, but if you really want that file now and is prepared to pay for it, the user can bump the priority up.
Yes, there are lots of complexities in achieving that and I'm sure someone will be pointing them out ;-)

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