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Politically Motivated Domains Heat Up in U.S. Presidential Election Race

Reported in Wired, "It's come to this: a Democratic primary race so close and heated that a fierce battle of rhetoric has begun playing out in domain-name registrations. Hillary Clinton's campaign quietly registered VotingPresent.com and VotingPresent.org in early December. Though no websites have gone up on the domains, it's a fair bet the sites won't be promoting election-themed Christmas gifts: "Voting present" refers to a parliamentary maneuver in the Illinois Legislature that allows a lawmaker to abstain from voting on a particular measure."

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Re: Politically Motivated Domains Heat Up in U.S. Presidential Election Race Daniel R. Tobias  –  Jan 01, 2008 10:09 AM PST

I wish candidates and advocacy groups would use .org domains to reflect their noncommercial status, rather than all the .com addresses they're tending to use these days.

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