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Leading Internet Companies May Share IPv6 User List to Aid Transition

The possibility of sharing a list of customers able to access websites via IPv6 is in early stage discussion by leading internet companies including Google, Yahoo, Netflix and Microsoft. "The DNS Whitelist for IPv6 would be a list of IP addresses that have functioning IPv6 connectivity," Carolyn Duffy Marsan of Network World reports. "The shared DNS Whitelist for IPv6 is a controversial proposal, with content providers saying it is the only viable option for offering IPv6 services today, and ISPs worrying that maintaining the whitelist will be an administrative burden in the future."

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Vinton Cerf, Co-designer of the TCP/IP Protocols & the Architecture of the Internet

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Please do not conflate user or customer list with a list of IP address ranges McTim  –  Mar 27, 2010 11:36 PM PDT

they are not one and the same!

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