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The .EU Domain Popular with Cross-Border Merger Groups

A recent report says that the .eu top-level domain, launched a year ago, has proven particularly popular with groups that have been created as a result of cross-border mergers. Example groups given include Dexia, the Franco-Belgian group, as well as companies registered outside their home country for regulatory reasons. Cyprus, a popular destination for company registrations, has boasted the seventh-highest number of .eu domain names.

The European Commission says: "Now that the initial flush of registrations has passed, there is an increasing trend towards using .eu domains immediately they have been registered as opposed to simply registering them as a precautionary measure and letting them lie dormant."

Read full story: Financial Times

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Re: The .EU Domain Popular with Cross-Border Merger Groups John McCormac  –  Aug 29, 2007 11:15 AM PST

More press release rubbish from EURid planted as a "story" in the media. The reason for Cyprus's high number of domains registered is due to the Ovidio domain warehousing operation that use Cyprus based front companies to register tens of thousands of generic .eu domains. The European Commission awarded the contract to run .eu ccTLD to the third rate ccTLD venture EURid. EURid made a mess of the ccTLD by its sheer incompetence in dealing with cybersquatting and cyberwarehousing. The .eu is a backwater domain in Europe, dwarfed by the .com and the ccTLDs. It is fighting with .biz for relevance and losing badly. Few companies and businesses want to be associated with a disaster hence the low usage of .eu in Europe.

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