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Dutch Police Inflates Bredolab Botnet Success

Michel van Eeten reports in IGP: "Last week, the Dutch police managed to shut down the 'Bredolab' botnet. At least, that is what they claimed during the worldwide media coverage that followed. A few days later, while the policy was still basking in the praise for its success, the botnet was resurrected. Embarrassing? Yes. Surprising? Not really. It highlights a fundamental misunderstanding about the fight against botnets. Contrary to what the Dutch police claimed and many people think, law enforcement cannot shut down botnets. It is important to understand why and what the implications are of this sobering thought..."

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It is important not to underrate what they've done Suresh Ramasubramanian  –  Nov 02, 2010 4:43 AM PDT

Though yes, a combination of PR and newspaper reporters may easily fall into the trap of overrating a success.

The bredolab takedown looks like it was well planned and meticulously executed, and international cooperation across multiple agencies appears to have been involved leading to the arrest of the botmaster.  That's certainly the right way forward.

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