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Are Domain Name Registrars Free-Speech Friendly?

Go Daddy's controversial decision last week to suspend the domain name of a popular computer security Web site did more than merely raise questions about the extent of free speech on today's Internet.

It also prompted owners of domain names to wonder about the reliability of their own registrars — and whether the domains they own are safe from suspension in the absence of a court order. In response to requests from readers, CNET News.com has conducted a survey of 12 leading registrars…

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Re: Are Domain Name Registrars Free-Speech Friendly? By Dave Zan  –  Feb 02, 2007 11:11 pm PDT

If anything, people ought to become more responsible in making their choices. For as long as anyone can remember, some still keep choosing a registrar or a reseller mainly because of price.

The kind of problems Mr. Fyodor and a gazillion others experienced could've been prevented if they only bothered to check first. If they don't become responsible by being aware and become aware by being responsible, then someone's bound to do it for them whether they like it or not.

Ignorance of the law excuses no one. But neither is ignoring the terms of your provider's legal terms.

Then again, some lessons are best learned the hard way. But does it have to reach that point?

Re: Are Domain Name Registrars Free-Speech Friendly? By The Famous Brett Watson  –  Feb 04, 2007 2:14 am PDT

The price of a domain name registration is both plainly visible up front and easily comprehended. A dollar cost forms a nice, simple, scalar quantity. Registrar behaviour, on the other hand, is a little harder to judge, and I'm pretty sure that terms and conditions aren't intended to be easily comprehended, except to the extent that they proclaim "we, the registrar, may do as we please, and you, the registrant, can lump it". I wouldn't deal with a registrar or reseller with a known bad history, but I'm just as aware that my current ones could turn bad or be bought out by someone bad without notice.

In short: diligence in chosing a name provider is no guarantee of smooth sailing, and no amount of diligence can make up for the fact that your domain name represents a single point of failure for your entire Internet presence.

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