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Domain Name System Industry (DNS) Leaders Travel to Dyn Inc. in Manchester, NH for 1st Annual Event

It's baseball season in New England and die-hard Red Sox fans know it's all about the off-season roster moves and preparation that shape a team for the 180 game grind of a Major League Baseball season. The Sox preached pitching and defense all winter and although things haven't quite panned out thus far, we keep the faith.

In almost all industries, unlike in professional sports, there isn't an off season. The DNS space is no exception and because it is part of the Internet's core infrastructure, it can never take a moment off. Like any other business segment, competition does exist, but when running the Internet is the craft, all organizations must work together to ensure its overall success.

At Dyn Inc. we obsess over DNS. It's all that we do and all that we've been doing since our inception in 1998. We are 100% committed to the growth of both the technology and the market demand it drives. This event represents our belief that we can get a lot further together than we can apart and that the market is untapped, with plenty of business for every DNS focused organization to thrive.

In the spirit of this collaborative and friendly outlook we welcome the foremost DNS representatives from the following companies to Manchester and our HQ for Inside Baseball: Comcast, Google, Verisign, Infoblox, DotQUAD, DurableDNS, Nettica, DNSStuff, No-IP, TZO, and Aflilias. Topics on the docket include: Market Size and Segmentation, DNSSEC Deployment/Root Signing, Recursive DNS Marketplace, IPv6 and Anycast, Dynamic DNS, Growing Threats and DNS Stability, and Nameserver Diversity (BIND, NSD, Unbound, Windows, PowerDNS). An "Ask Mr. DNS" Podcast will also be recorded with Matt Larson from Verisign and Cricket Liu from Infoblox.

By Oracle Dyn, Internet Performance Solutions – The Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit is a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet. Visit Page

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