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Apple Finally Patches DNS Flaw

Apple which has been under criticism by security experts for being slow in patching a major DNS flaw, has at last issued a patch in a security update for its OS X operating system and other software late Thursday.

Apple is among a handful of companies that security experts have said moved far too slow in reacting to the DNS bug. Other vendors, including Cisco and Microsoft, had patches ready when the existence of the flaw was disclosed on July 8, 2008. But some network administrators have reported compatibility problems with those early patches.

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Re: Apple Finally Patches DNS Flaw Fergie  –  Aug 01, 2008 1:11 PM PDT

But wait — there's more, and it's not all good.

There is a report from the SANS Internet Storm Center that while "...Apple might have fixed some of the more important parts for servers, but is far from done yet as all the clients linked against a DNS client library still need to get the workaround for the protocol weakness."


- ferg

Not good. Matthew Elvey  –  Aug 05, 2008 12:09 PM PDT

Not to mention that the iPhone includes BIND code and it hasn't been patched at all.
(The "Legal" section includes bind license terms.) I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere.  At least the doxpara.com test says the name server my iPhone uses is OK.  Wait, WTF? My iPhone is using, AKA bld3.pao.opendns.com.  Ok, getting OT now...but that is interesting.

Correction; when not on WiFi, my iPhone Matthew Elvey  –  Aug 05, 2008 10:14 PM PDT

Correction; when not on WiFi, my iPhone uses, AKA bthinetdns.mycingular.net, which doxpara says is OK.

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