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Largest Study to Date of IPv6 Traffic on the Internet

Security and network management company, Arbor Networks, in partnership with more than ninety network services and content providers from around the world, has published an extensive study of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) traffic on the Internet. The results of a year-long research project provide, for the first time according to the report, a global perspective on the amount of IPv6 traffic on the Internet. There are "exactly 900 days remaining until the end of the Internet, or at least the exhaustion of IPv4 registry allocations," says Craig Labovitz Arbor Networks chief scientist in a related blog post today.

"So what happened to IPv6? Well, it has been a strange, long year… The year began with fears over the 'end of the Internet' (due to lack of IPv6 adoption) and ends this month with renewed IPv6 enthusiasm centered around the Olympics and a successful US government IPv6 mandate," says Labovitz. "In between these two extremes of IPv6 despair and enthusiasm, IPv6 generated a surge of news coverage. At its peak this past June, print media around the world published nearly 3,000 articles a month on IPv6 (almost twice as much as the comparatively uninteresting IPv4)."

Other findings include:

Percentage of ASN with IPv6 BGP announcements: 3%
Percentage of Internet2 sites with passing IPv6 grade: 1%
Percentage of Alexa Top 500 websites using IPv6: 0.4%
IPv6 DNS queries as percentage of IPv4 DNS load: 0.2%
IPv6 as a percentage of all Internet traffic: 0.002%

Read full story: Yahoo! News

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