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The Official Announcement for the Launch of CircleID 2.0

A few weeks ago CircleID launched a new version of its website and the changes are extensive enough that we're calling it CircleID 2.0! As many of you have noticed by now, the new site consists of a variety of new sections, topics, features, and of course, a new user interface… we hope you like what you see and most importantly, we hope that we have delivered on the promise of making CircleID even more useful.

Because of the intensity of the changes to the site, we decided to soft launch the new CircleID website and allow time for removal of possible bugs and other problems while in a "live" environment. And with our sincere thanks to many CircleID users who took time to provide us their feedback and bug reports, we were able to do just that. Today we have made the official announcement.

Our main objectives for the new CircleID website have been:

  • Improving overall organization of postings and comments
  • Expansion and better organization of topics
  • Enhancing the representation of participants and the community
  • And last but not least, providing a superior user interface

Also please take a moment to visit your new account section on CircleID and ensure your profile is up to date (you will find your account related links on the top right corner of any page within CircleID). If you are not a member yet, you can sign up right now, and gain full benefit from CircleID.

Don't forget to send us your likes, dislikes, and any problems you might encounter with the site.

Thank you for being a part of CircleID.

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