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dotMobi Launches DeviceAtlas, an Industry-Leading Mobile Development Tool

dotMobi, the company behind .mobi — the first and only Internet address designed specifically for mobile phones — today announced the launch of DeviceAtlas, the definitive source of mobile handset information for mobile content developers.

"There are many sources for device data, but they are scattered throughout developer forums and embedded into various products. DeviceAtlas is a single definitive source of device information," said Paul Nerger, Vice President of Advanced Services and Applications, dotMobi.

"DeviceAtlas helps developers of all sizes build better mobile web applications that adapt to — and are optimized for — the widest possible range of mobile devices with structured, accurate data. This also means device data will be available for everyone, regardless of company's size, because of the low costs of DeviceAtlas. In fact, access to the web site version of the database is completely free, and we will provide one free DeviceAtlas Developer Edition license to every member of the http://dev.mobi developer forum," added Nerger.

Nokia, Vodafone, Telecom Italia Mobile, Argogroup, Volantis, Zandan and many other mobile operators, handset manufacturers and developers from around the world are working with dotMobi to collate and continually refine information on handset attributes — from early models of data-capable mobile phones to the very latest "smart" mobile devices — so that developers can create "device aware" content with the most up-to-date information available.

Nokia's Head of Technology Management, Timo Skytta, said, "The introduction of DeviceAtlas will help Internet web developers and content providers build tailored Internet experiences for a range of devices. As Nokia expands from a handset company to offer a range of Internet services — making these experiences powerful and valuable is very important," while Peter Thompson, of Vodafone Group R&D, said, "DeviceAtlas is a great tool to help mobile developers create a personalized and valuable mobile web experience for their users."

DeviceAtlas allows information to be shared with the global development community and to be updated online. This approach simplifies the development process and enables developers to create the best possible experience for users. And along with the free, web-based version, users can access a local copy of the DeviceAtlas database via an application programming interface (API) for a modest annual fee.

dotMobi's CEO, Trey Harvin, said, "dotMobi recognized the need to solve the challenges developers face in creating content for literally thousands of different handset and software combinations. We've worked hard to deliver what is the most comprehensive, accurate intelligence on mobile devices around the world through DeviceAtlas."

James Pearce, Vice President of Technology at dotMobi, said, "The initial release of DeviceAtlas only represents the start of an ever-evolving tool for the mobile development community. The roadmap for the next few months includes further property vocabularies, a full test suite, the ability of all community members to provide additional data, and compatibility with W3C recommendations."

More information on DeviceAtlas — including the free web-based version and free, fully licensed version for developers — is available at http://deviceatlas.com on PCs and http://deviceatlas.mobi on mobiles.

Supporting Quotes

Nokia: "The introduction of DeviceAtlas will help Internet web developers and content providers build tailored Internet experiences for a range of devices. As Nokia expands from a handset company to offer a range of Internet services - making these experiences powerful and valuable is very important. With DeviceAtlas, developers and content providers can easily reference a comprehensive device catalogue and enhance the user experience by developing specific experiences for specific devices features."
-- Timo Skytta, Head of Technology Management, Nokia

Vodafone: "DeviceAtlas is a great tool to help mobile developers create a personalized and valuable mobile web experience for their users. We plan to promote DeviceAtlas as a tool for mobile developers through our open innovation platform, www.betavine.net."
-- Peter Thompson, Vodafone Group R&D

TIM: "With a plethora of different Mobile Devices in the market, DeviceAtlas offers developers and entire ecosystem the unique opportunity to successfully boost the development of the Mobile Internet for the next future."
-- Gaetano Liggieri, responsible for .mobi initiative, Telecom Italia

Mobitel: "Building effective, usable mobile web sites is vitally important in the development and uptake of the mobile internet. With DeviceAtlas web developers are able to create specific mobile web experiences for users on a range of different devices by accessing the database. We are delighted to be able to support it."
-- Miha Valencic, Technical Consultant, Mobitel

Future Platforms: "DeviceAtlas is a fantastic new attempt to address the fragmentation issues inherent in mobile. We certainly see it as an excellent means of solving this problem and delivering delightful mobile web experiences."
-- Tom Hume, Managing Director, Future Platforms

Paddy Power: "Paddy Power is excited to be working together with dotMobi to deliver a superior mobile betting solution to our customers. There is a huge variety of mobile devices being used by customers to access our mobile services at www.paddypower.com/mobile and wap.paddypower.com, and it is critical that they all have the best possible user experience. DeviceAtlas provides access to the device specific data required to develop a mobile product tailored exactly to the needs of our customers."
-- Kevin Furlong, Sportsbook Manager, www.paddypower.com

Adimo: "DeviceAtlas is an invaluable tool that enables developers who have neither the time nor resources to access a reliable and powerful database of device information. In terms of the development of the mobile web, it is crucially important to deliver effective sites and a satisfactory end user experience. DeviceAtlas ensures that developers have all the tools at their disposal whenever they need them helping them build successful sites."
-- Anna Caracolias, CEO, Adimo

Bango: "There is nothing more important than accurate, up-to-date device information from a credible, independent source. Whether it's to maximize your site's capabilities for each visiting phone, ensure the correct media is delivered after a mobile purchase or to truly understand market trends as part of a mobile web analytics solution, DeviceAtlas delivers the bedrock required to build success on mobile."
-- Andy Bovingdon, Vice President of Product Marketing, Bango

CGI Group, Inc.: "After years of niche existence, mobile services are now moving mainstream. The increasing acceptance is driven by an improving user experience, for which a device-specific presentation is important. CGI Germany supported the beta phase of DeviceAtlas with its profound experience in this area."
-- Agnes Hombrecher, Vice President Consulting Services, CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants (Deutschland) GmbH

AccuWeather: "AccuWeather is delighted to participate in the launch of DeviceAtlas. We have worked with the excellent folks at dotMobi during the last few months and have been pleased with the level of the service they have been able to offer. AccuWeather.com mobile web site is one of the top destinations on the mobile web and we only work with the best vendors who can offer highly reliable services."
-- Douglas M Yule, Director of Research and Development, AccuWeather, Inc.

iLoop Mobile: "The mobile handset market is extremely dynamic. There are millions of legacy devices in the market as well as new, feature-rich handsets being released continuously. Mobile platform solution providers and content developers must be device agnostic and have the ability to adapt to changes in existing handsets and new handsets in real-time to ensure that consumers have a rich and fulfilling experience with their content and solution offerings. DeviceAtlas is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for accessing mobile device profile data, worldwide, and we have benefited greatly from the service."
-- Michael Becker, EVP Business Development, iLoop Mobile, Inc.

Contact Information

Vance Hedderel

Danielle Siemon
A&R Edelman for dotMobi (US)

Gareth Davies
Edelman Public Relations for dotMobi (Europe)

About dotMobi


Headquartered in Dublin, dotMobi - a wholly owned subsidiary of Afilias Limited - is a worldwide leader in enabling the development & discovery of quality mobile content through innovative services, in turn helping businesses and individuals reach the world's billions of mobile phone users. dotMobi spurs mobile industry innovation by giving content providers the tools they need to ensure the Web will work on mobile phones with speed, accuracy and relevant content. (Learn More)

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