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The Nuts & Bolts of an Effective New gTLD Launch Plan (Webinar)

As a follow-up to the previous webinar on "Integrate Vertically: Realize the Full Potential of Your TLD", which discussed various industry trends and introduced Vertical Integration as a unique distribution solution for new gTLDs, LogicBoxes will be conducting a webinar on "The Nuts & Bolts of an Effective New gTLD Launch Plan” for all New gTLD Applicants on 12th Nov, 2013.

This time around, LogicBoxes will dig down deeper to each aspect of a comprehensive Vertical Integration strategy. The webinar will identify the various moving parts in a Vertical Integration project and learn how each will impact your new gTLD's launch, growth, and eventually the level of success.

What are the pitfalls you definitely want to avoid? What are the essentials, the must-haves and the good-to-haves? What solutions are available for you in the market and which one is most ideally suited for your type of TLD?

The webinar will cover the following aspects in detail:

  • Setting up a Flagship Storefront
  • Enabling and Empowering Distribution Channels
  • Tapping into Existing Channels
  • Choosing the Right Technology Solution
  • Getting Reliable Marketing Assistance

Webinar Details

  • Topic: The Nuts & Bolts of an Effective New gTLD Launch Plan
  • Date: 12th Nov, 2013
  • Time Slots:
    America & Europe: 12:00 EST / 17:00 UTC
    Asia & Oceania: 15:00 SGT / 7:00 UTC
  • Presenter: Siddharth Taliyan, Sr. Sales Manager, LogicBoxes
  • Click to Register (Seats are limited.)

By LogicBoxes, Provider of Technology and Consultancy Solutions to Internet Players Globally – LogicBoxes is a Technology and Consultancy Company providing Business Solutions exclusively to the large players of the Web Products and Services Industry — including New gTLD Applicants, ICANN Registrars, Domain Registries, Large Web Hosts and Domain Resellers. Visit Page

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