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MarkMonitor Takes a Look at Progress on New gTLD Program in Latest Report

The MarkMonitor New gTLD Quarterly Report offers unique insight into the New gTLD Program. Click to DownloadMarkMonitor has just released its New gTLD Quarterly Report providing a unique insight into the New gTLD (NgTLD) Program. The report includes detailed information on .Brand registration and marketing activity, current trends and news relevant to businesses and brand owners.

Some highlights include:

• Internet identifier NgTLDs are popular among squatters, with some TLDs experiencing up to 40% squat rates.

• While 45% of .Brands have delegated, the majority are still working on their 'go to market' launch strategies.

• Sunrise registration phase domain fees in 2013 averaged $275 per year. The 2015 average was over $1,000 per domain and the trend continues…

NgTLDs are going to cost you more… much more

Another area covered by the report is on how premium domain names are being handled by NgTLD registries. From the report:

"One of the few areas in which ICANN (intentionally) has no control over, is the way registries price their extensions, including how premium domains are sold. As more extensions have gone live, it is apparent that the registry reserved lists and premium domain lists per TLD have grown extensively. When the first 39 gTLDs launched in 2013, the average Premium List length was just over 2,800 names per extension. By the end of 2014, that average had grown slightly to about 3,300. In looking at the Premium Lists of the roughly 120 gTLDs that went live in 2015, we see that the average Premium List grew to just under 35,000 domains per extension."

Click here to download the latest report.


About MarkMonitor – MarkMonitor®, the world leader in enterprise brand protection uses a SaaS delivery model to provide advanced technology and expertise that protects the revenues and reputations of the world's leading brands. Visit Page

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