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LogicBoxes Powers .NGO & .ONG Retail and Wholesale Channels for ENSET

LogicBoxes, the Vertical Integration Solutions Provider for New gTLDs & ccTLDs, today announced its business alliance with Enset, a subsidiary of Public Interest Registry (PIR), to establish wholesale and retail channels for .NGO & .ONG domains. Through this alliance, Enset can now provide strong online identities to NGOs and non-profits around the world.

Enset is the only non-profit Domain Registrar in the .NGO and .ONG domain name space. Its mission is to support other NGOs and Non-Profits around the world by acting as a trusted provider of online services. The company enables its customers to raise awareness, funds and support through OnGood for their philanthropic missions by offering them exclusive .NGO and .ONG web addresses along with products like web and email hosting and website builder services.

LogicBoxes helped set up the company's Registrar back-end and customer service operations on its industry-leading platform - OrderBox. This allowed Enset to create a dedicated retail storefront. LogicBoxes also empowered Enset to implement a wholesale channel across resellers and promotional affiliates.

Additionally, LogicBoxes seamlessly incorporated unique registration and management requirements for .NGO & .ONG into the system, including the validation of NGO domain registrants. LogicBoxes provided Enset with a suite of web products and the flexibility to create special product bundles for customers. LogicBoxes also provides white-labeled end customer support, allowing Enset to reduce operational costs and resources.

"We were looking for a strong and established provider that would help us with our critical day-to-day back-end technical and customer-facing operations so that we can focus on our business development activities and reaching NGOS," said Jeri Curry, who leads strategic partnerships for Enset. "The LogicBoxes team have been responsive to both our global NGO audience and our operational needs", she further added.

"With over 10 years of experience in helping domains & hosting industry leaders, we were definitely a strong contender to help Enset meet their business goals. We believe that this focused NGO outreach from Enset will surely help it reach its target audience," said Siddharth Taliyan, Sr. Manager - Business Development at LogicBoxes. "It gives us immense pleasure to work with Enset and we look forward to a lasting relationship with them."

By LogicBoxes, Provider of Technology and Consultancy Solutions to Internet Players Globally – LogicBoxes is a Technology and Consultancy Company providing Business Solutions exclusively to the large players of the Web Products and Services Industry — including New gTLD Applicants, ICANN Registrars, Domain Registries, Large Web Hosts and Domain Resellers. Visit Page

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